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Hong Kong Golf Club Ballot Days

Hong Kong Golf Club Ballot Days

Upcoming days for ballot play are:

Tuesday 22 August
Wednesday 30 August


How to Enter?

Tuesday 22 August
  • Registration for this Ballot Day opens at 9:00am on Sunday 13 August, and will end at 11:59pm on Monday 14 August.

Wednesday 30 August
  • Registration for this Ballot Day opens at 9:00am on Monday 21 August, and will end at 11:59pm on Tuesday 22 August.

To register, click here to enter the Visitor Zone and sign-in to your Visitor Account. Once you have signed in, click ‘Balloting’ and follow the instructions.

If you or your intended playing partner have not yet created a Visitor Account, you can do so in the Visitor Zone and follow the above steps.

Important Ballot Day Information

  • Only those golfers who have authenticated their Visitor Account and have a HKGC Visitor Number may apply for and participate in Ballot Days.
  • To register for the Ballot there must be 2 players per entry. Visitor Number and Date of Birth (DD/MM) will be required for both players.
  • Green fee (per person) HK$1,300 (age 22 and over); HK$300 (ages 16-21).
  • Once registered no changes are permitted to either the tee time or the names of the players.
  • The Ballot will be drawn and emailed to successful participants on the first working day after the registration period has closed. Should you not receive a successful email, your name will be placed on the reserve list.
  • The applicant (i.e. Player A) must press ‘accept’ in the successful email if you wish to play. If you do not press ‘accept’, you will have been considered to have declined the tee time and it will be allocated to other players on the reserve list.

Booking Conditions

Participants must produce their HKID and valid handicap certificate at Reception prior to play.

  • Men – must play from the blue tee.
  • Ladies – must play from the white tee.
  • Handicap limit – Men (36 and under) / Ladies (40 and under)

Golf Carts – participants are required to show a valid driving license if they want to drive a golf cart (HK$400 per cart / for 2 players and 2 sets of clubs). Players without a driving license are required to walk.

Late Cancellation Policy

A golfer who makes a late cancellation will be suspended from entering Ballot Days for 30 days.

No Show Penalty

A golfer who fails to register at reception 20 minutes before the scheduled tee time is considered a no show. The golfer will be suspended from entering a Ballot Day for 60 days.