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The Club has launched its new Tee Time Booking System on Tuesday 14 May, so we would like to highlight some of the key changes that visitors should be aware of.

While the system is more modern in outlook and responsive than the one it is replacing, the booking process itself - i.e. the flow of how a reservation is made, amended or cancelled - is deliberately very similar.

Furthermore, the way visitors log-in to the system remains the same, while players can of course continue to access the system directly on their mobile devices via the Club's app.

The major differences are, as follows:


Tee Time Colours

The most obvious visual change from the existing system is the colour status of tee times.

  • Green means the time is available to book
  • Red means the time has been booked
  • Light blue means an online / telephone tee time prior to being released for booking
  • Dark blue means your booking
  • Grey means the time is occupied and is locked from booking

In this desktop view example, the user has made a booking for 10.40am. The tee times highlighted in green are available for booking.

This example shows the screen view before tee times are released for booking, which happens seven days beforehand.


Booking Timing, Cancellation Deadline and Pairing

Bookings on a course that has been designated for visitor play will now open at 9am (previously it was 12pm), seven days in advance. The deadline for cancellation and amendments to bookings is 48 hours prior to the tee time.

In another significant change, the system will permit golfers to fill unused spots in a flight - i.e. it will allow the pairing of players together.

For instance, the visitor have booked a tee time at 14:50, leaving two unfilled spots. These spots can now be booked. Single golfers are welcome to book a spot in a flight already booked with two or three players.

The black squares indicate booked slots within a fourball flight. The white squares indicate how many spots remain free per tee time. In the 15:10 tee time, there are two remaining spots which can be booked.


Editing and Cancelling Bookings

To edit a booking, simply click on your booked tee time (coloured dark blue) and make the required changes.

To edit or cancel a booking, visit the 'Bookings' tab and click 'edit' or 'remove'.

To cancel a booking, visit the 'Bookings' tab and click 'remove'. An alert message will then pop up asking you to confirm the cancellation.



At the time of making a new booking, system users will be asked to complete a CAPTCHA test. CAPTCHA is an online service widely used in booking systems to determine whether a user is human or an automated bot or script. Once the CAPTCHA test has been complete, the confirmed booking is displayed as a pop-up.

Upon completion of the CAPTCHA test and confirming the reservation, a pop-up will display the booking. Additionally, an email confirmation will be sent.

Thank you for your attention and best wishes. We hope you enjoy using the new booking system and we look forward to your next visit to Fanling.